05 Funkadelic

from by Mobstyle

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Hat brim low yeah I know where I'm going now
Yeah life's a circus and I'm the best show in town
Ring master, mic blaster, no sign of slowing down
Cancelled shows, losing dough - at time's I's more like the clown
But that's a rap now, it's in the past now
Confusion and uncertainty, energy just not serving me
Assaulting people verbally - Tigress!
With the fire inside of nine lives, used five to find this
State of tranquility, lyrical ability
Physical agility and I just feel like killing beats
Deshaun mode, I'm unstoppable
Achieved goals, stole shows - got lots to go
Past is my ladder, climbed here to rap master
Adept emcee, songstress and stage smasher
Cage blaster, decipher lines, free your mind
Escape faster with this yoga rapster
I'm a commodity, ain't nobody hot as me
Just dollar signs to you fools, so you don't get no part of me
Pardon me, if it's hard to see
Why I won't let go of my artistry
I make music start to finish, no industry interventions
Mob orchestrates, grab my pen I get to diggin the rhythm
I can't hold still for a minute, reminds me why I got in it
To see my friends and fans grinnin - Love to see y'all grinnin man

Beat make me wanna dance and sing
Bob my head and tap my feet
Clap my hands and start to swing (hey)
Music is life so I dance to the melody

Kinda funny how in my last verse
I say "past is past", but yo the past hurts
Something tugging at my mind as I write these words
To convince myself I'll make it, at times I'm not sure
Live like The Fool - will I ever mature?
Some of it's still a blur, but I've learned - Strength, Endurance,
Open body and mind, let my soul shine
Realize that I've more power than delicate flowers: bloom and die
Fragile, and dependent elements are just right
Like the oak grove, I grow slow, stand tests of time.
Expanding only after roots are planted
No magic no gimmicks simply hard work learned from country livin
I'm in it to win it, plans got my head spinnin
Like Eps for Murs, on the business side of things
Words lash from my lips like whips they burn and sting.
I'm molting, evolving - whatever you wanna call it
KriStyle 2.0. Old soul;
Took the heat now I'm cold - I know that I'm coal
Refining real slow, Upward spiral flow
Look back blow kisses to the past then roll
Like no worries,
My biggest hurdle is me. Hop off stage like
Girls please - Step up your intellect
Rhyme and laugh, shake that ass til there's no more music left!

Beat make me wanna dance and sing
Bob my head and tap my feet
Clap my hands and start to swing
Music is life so I dance to the melody

Ready to burst
Kissing the edge
Bring on the challenges
I am the Architect


from Mythology, released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


MobStyle Portland, Oregon

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